“…Full Moon today…yep.”

I took a break from gaming and my 90s monster movie search, only to come across…even more monster movies from the 90s! Amester and I discovered the Full Moon channel on Amazon Prime…my God. It’s something to behold, indeed. We spent the weekend rolling thru the catalog. Bad Channels (1992) Amy: Not sure Chris: Watch? Holy crap. This is weird. Blue Öyster Cult is weird. … Continue reading “…Full Moon today…yep.”

Happy Anniversary, Corner..ers…!

Well, we made it two whole years, friends and neighbors. It’s been a…fun?…couple of years. I hope so.  It’s damn sure been interesting for me. A bunch has happened, both on the site and off. I started my own site on a whim, put out my very own EP, took some trips, did some paddling, and gamed a little here and there.  Most importantly, though, I married my best … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, Corner..ers…!

Movies: The Sequel

Periodically, I do watch movies that don’t fall into horror or 90s sci-fi…not much recently, though. However, I find time for some. Below are movies I’ve been watching, in no particular order…Except for Drowning Mona, which my favorite movie. Drowning Mona (2000) WATCH Again, my favorite flick.  Great cast, soundtrack, writing and location. National Treasure (2004) WATCH Fun movie, indeed, but I also love treasure hunting … Continue reading Movies: The Sequel