The name Unfocused Media refers to my inability to stay on one content path for very long. A bit on the nose, I know. I will go through phases where I add posts about music one day and games the next. If you see me start to veer into one direction or another, feel free to comment something encouraging to get me back on track.

I started UM after the video game website I was writing for sadly shut down in 2015. It was originally going to be another game site, but I couldn’t commit to that. Seasons change and they take my brain with them; enter the sparseness of certain areas.

A little about me:

I have a few published articles as a freelance writer and studied some Journalism at the University of Central Missouri. Aside from that, I am half of the father/son group Brothers K out of Mid-Missouri. I’ve been known to also play solo shows from time to time.

A little while back I was able to sneak my name in for an Executive Producer credit on a Full Moon flick. Not only was that a dream come true, but now I have an IMDB page. Bucket list entry – check.

Above all else, I am husband to my best friend, partner and soul mate. Together we house and maintain an assorted zoo of four-legged horror loving misfits and miscreants.

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