Happy Anniversary, Corner..ers…!

Well, we made it two whole years, friends and neighbors. It’s been a…fun?…couple of years. I hope so.  It’s damn sure been interesting for me. A bunch has happened, both on the site and off. I started my own site on a whim, put out my very own EP, took some trips, did some paddling, and gamed a little here and there.  Most importantly, though, I married my best friend and partner in time, Amy. 

I don’t know how I landed her, but she saved me. When we got together, I was a 30 year old unemployed musician living with my parents. I smoked packs of cigarettes daily and drank nothing but Mountain Dew…Yowsa.  Now, I haven’t smoked in 4 years, and I prefer a nice cup of tea (with a nip of whiskey if possible, please) to that sugary shot of caffeine. 
I digress…

We’ve got a big move this year (West to Midwest) and plan to do some traveling…does this mean a new page at The Corner? I don’t know, get off my back! Well, yeah, actually…maybe so.

Anyway, I’m off to do some gaming…perhaps the dishes. I don’t know yet….OH, I brewed some tea! I forgot! See ya!

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