Live Streams

We Corner Folk love video games. We also love hanging out with each other and talking about games while we play them. With that in mind, it seemed only logical that we do some streaming. Our live streams are below and if there is a game you’d like to see played, please comment with your picks, and we will oblige. We want to play what … Continue reading Live Streams

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Good morning/afternoon/evening/night fellow Unfocused. While I spend an increasingly alarming amount of time watching horror movies, I do venture out beyond the boob tube on occasion. I just finished a couple of books (possible post approaching) and I’ve discovered some video games that I’m pretty excited about. Rather than do traditional reviews, I opted for a couple of quick Focus Groups instead. First up is … Continue reading Puppet/Text

The Lotus and the Gathering Storm Review

The Lotus and the Gathering Storm W. Dale Jordan * Review copy provided by the author * I was first introduced to Jordan’s work through his contribution to the horror anthology, Worst Laid Plans, and was very impressed.  With that in mind, I was thrilled when the review copy of this novel (his debut and book one of the Eagle and Heart Trilogy) appeared in … Continue reading The Lotus and the Gathering Storm Review