Final Fantasy 7 Now on Android

Final Fantasy 7 has long been a standard among my friends and me.  I have nothing but fond memories of sitting in my friend Kev’s house nightly, racing Chocobos, wandering around the Gold Saucer, and bitching about the constant random encounters.  He even figured out early game capture (he rigged a VCR to record while we played).  Well, now we can do it all over again, turn off random encounters (for a more direct story experience), jack up all character stats to max, and take screen shots as we go (no more VHS tapes to worry about!) with the release of FF 7 on all Android devices.

Running for $15.99 (USD) on the Google Play Store, it can be had quite easily.

From Square Enix:

“Features for the mobile edition include:
●      Simple and comfortable virtual controller design for a clear view of the action
●      The ability to choose between virtual analog or fixed four-way digital control pad options
●      Adjustable opacity of on-screen controls through the configuration menu
●      An enemy encounter option that allows players to enjoy the storyline uninterrupted. While enemy encounters are turned off, players can still enjoy the story event battles.
●      A Max Stats command that enables players to become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.”

This version, as well as the previously released iOS, PC, and Playstation 3 versions are all available now.  For more information, please visit Square Enix here.


10 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 7 Now on Android

    1. While I am excited to have the ability to play FF7 on the go, I have not had any bit of luck with mobile games in the past. I spend the money, and hate how it plays, or my phone is shoddy, etc…Therefore, I did not purchase FF7 on mobile, for fear of frustration, and cannot attest to its functionality. Also, under the circumstances listed above, the price tag seemed a little steep for a mobile game for me. If you are a FF7 junkie and need your fix on the go, however, make it so!


      1. Oh, I am a FFVII junkie for sure. haven’t had any luck with mobile games. I will stick to the PS$4 and wait for the remake! 🙂


  1. Final Fantasy 7, how I love and loathe you.
    You were my childhood and since then you’ve been flogged like a dead horse!
    I used to get excited about seeing FF7 around again, but then it was released on pretty much anything and everything going and has a remake in the works, and the feeling of it being thrown in my face everywhere I go just killed it for me.
    Great post though, and it was really nice to read about your own fond memories in the first part of the post.


    1. Thanks, Jenn. I can see how FF7 could have lost some shine for folks, being shoved in front of every bus on the road. Not in my case, though. It still holds a place, and I’m excited to see where they take this remake.

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      1. I think the complete revamp, remake that’s happening is exciting actually and I am eager to see where they take that reincarnation. The others, I can leave though – but maybe I overplayed the original?


      2. It’s possible. I havent played it since the PS1 days for any length of time, so I’m ready to go through it again, and take advantage of all of the “cheats”this round.


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