No New Games

Video games press is a tough business to stay on top of. New games are constantly releasing, and there are tons of websites and streamers covering those games immediately. I would love to buy every new game on day one and cover it, but I simply can’t afford to, nor do I have the time. Therefore, I’ve decided to let them have those games (unless … Continue reading No New Games

Movies 3: The Couch Strikes Back

It’s October again, friends. You know what that means? Movies! See what Amy & I have been watching and have a gander at our impressions below. The Mutilator a.k.a. Fall Break (1984) A group of college kids vacation in a beach house owned by the lead actor’s killer father. You can guess where it goes from there. The acting is unbelievably awful. The opening theme … Continue reading Movies 3: The Couch Strikes Back