Friends and neighbors,

From the bottom of our twisted hearts, thank you for supporting this project and the silly things that pop out of our heads. We love this website so much and will continue with all of the nonsense.

We have some very cool ideas about future posts and projects, but with that in mind:

We stand (sit) before you (monitor), hat in hand, and humbly ask for your further support. Anything helps, and everything will.

The only thing that we hate more than asking for donations is a website riddled with ads. They disrupt the flow of the site, they waste everyone’s time and they’re just plain obnoxious.

Regardless of donations,

Unfocused Media will always be AD FREE.

Aside from that, the more contributions that you beautiful people provide, the more content we can kick back in return.

More monetary encouragement will enable us to spend more time on reviews, impressions, game streams and anything else that we, the Unfocused community, can think of.

Podcast, anyone?

We already have it planned out, we just don’t have the time to implement it, currently.

You could help us with that.

Thank you for your time and for letting me grovel.

We love you all, and can’t wait to keep this rolling right along.

  • Chris Kalthoff

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