Good morning/afternoon/evening/night fellow Unfocused.

While I spend an increasingly alarming amount of time watching horror movies, I do venture out beyond the boob tube on occasion. I just finished a couple of books (possible post approaching) and I’ve discovered some video games that I’m pretty excited about. Rather than do traditional reviews, I opted for a couple of quick Focus Groups instead.

First up is the 2017 text based horror adventure-puzzle game Stories Untold from developer No Code and published by Devolver Digital.

I’ve never played a text based game before and always wanted to. This was on sale recently so I snagged it up to have a look.

SU is a four episode collection and each interactive adventure is different from the last. I’m not going to lie. I initially played the first episode late at night with the lights off and afterward I checked every dark room in the house, just to be sure.

Cool shit, yeah? Well, buckle up.

Next in line is 2020’s survival horror gem Murder House from developer PUPPET COMBO. I could (and may) do an official post on PUPPET COMBO, because I am in love with their style. 80s VHS slashers in the Playstation 1 format? Yes, please.

In MH, you are a lonely intern for a news crew reporting from the home of a serial killer dressed as the Easter Bunny.

There you have it. Two very neat games that just about snuck by me.

If you like the format of this post, let me know. I’m always down to play video games and talk shit. It’s what I do best.


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