Movies have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.  The earliest memory I can muster is watching Follow That Bird over and over and over again (sorry, R & C).  As I got (a bit) older, my main focus turned to cheesy martial arts movies (Billy Blanks) and slasher flicks. That one stuck. For years. And years. And years…until I got into various other media (games, music, etc). I still watched from time to time, but it faltered for sure.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with horror movies again. Slashers mostly, but most 80s/90s horror will do. What got me hooked back in? I finally watched John Carpenter’s They Live. Since that night, some couple-three weeks ago, it’s been pretty non-stop.  80s horror is my favorite, although I do love a good 90s sci-fi/horror as well.

Below is a list of movies I’ve been watching recently.  I’ve given my impressions of them, as well. Not much, just a quick thought.  Apologies for any low-res poster images, I grabbed the best ones I could.  If anyone has any better, shoot me an email and I’ll have a look.



Well, that’s the list so far.  Thanks for tuning in, kiddos!  Keep checking back, ’cause I’ve got a big list of movies to make it through in my life, and I’ll do my best to log them on here.

Photos and information snagged fromDEAD WRONG!….damn it….snagged from Google and IMDB.

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