The World Behind

We didn’t know exactly where we were going to end up, but we were sure it could not get any worse. With the feverishly insane gas prices, and the inability to talk privately on a cell phone without a government worker stealing your every word to a yellow legal pad, we knew that whatever was behind the vacuum of the planet imploding in front of our pupils was to be an improvement.

A flash.

My god, what was that beautiful thing? I want to see it again!

For one split fraction of a millisecond, I saw green hills, trees actually inhabited by fruit, and water naturally blue without chlorine and dyes. I saw people riding elephants, people shaking hands, and people legally smoking in restaurants. It was fucking magical…but then it was gone. Completely. We were left with nothing. The 180 lbs. I had acquired over my glutinous years seemed to drip off like a broken tap of a plastic water jug. My legs bent without prior consent, then jumped out in front of me. My head just sort of lifted straight up, as my torso buckled in the opposite direction. Every appendage associated with me slid away from each other. As I looked to my left, I noticed the exact same thing was happening to my friend. This continued for a few long seconds, then stopped. We just floated for a moment, then the appendages mentioned before all caught a grip of each other and sprinted in one direction; straight ahead. We passed through the ship we inhabited, with no harm done to either entity, as if we weren’t really there…a figment of the ships artificial imagination. My friend and I were hurled through swirls of psychedelic light, and flashes of Earth’s past civilizations, mixed very brilliantly with life-form townships not known to me or my cohort. Awe was soon replaced with nausea, which was soon replaced by a contraction of all muscles, followed by relief…There was relief all over my shoes. The visions stopped. Blank…as a chalkboard…more so than the cliche suggests. It was green all around us. Dark green and cold, with a hint of gravel dust in the atmosphere.

Another flash!

White mountains popped into view ahead of us. Giant snow colored bats above us created large shadows on the ground, where a group of yetis beating two rocks together circled around a pile of frozen wood. We stood on a small, snow-covered cliff, shivering. We weren’t that cold yet. We just couldn’t move.

Where the hell are we?

Footsteps in the snow behind us…right behind us! A thunderous snarl was all I heard…a large white claw was all I saw. The light was gone.

End of Part 1

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