State of the Corner Address

Well, folks, it’s a new year…finally.  2016 kind of sucked the big one. Too many deaths, both close family to us here at the Corner, as well as highly loved celebrities.

We did have some good times last year, though. Number one: I married my love, Amy. Best thing I could have ever done. She’s too perfect for me.

Also, we were blessed to have family come visit us, and lucky enough to fly 1,000 miles home to visit them.  While my mom and dad were here, Rob (dad) and I met up with Norm Miller in Jackson, WY to do a little paddling on the Snake River (beautiful), after a night sleeping by the Grand Tetons…wow.

Photo courtesy of Robin Kalthoff
Photo courtesy of Norm Miller

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Let’s see, what else….Oh yeah! We got to see Ozzy on Sabbath’s farewell tour, AND Ryan Adams at Red Butte w/ Amanda Shires. Two great shows indeed.

Photo courtesy of Amy Woody-Kalthoff

The Corner has officially turned 1 year old (today) and I have some plans in motion…In the coming weeks, I plan to brew my own beer (thanks Ethan), do some paddling (we just got our first SUP, thanks to Muz), hike a bunch, as well as start a recipe segment…maybe even have some guest authors stop by. More is in the works, but I won’t spoil anything just yet.
2017 hopes to be a damn good year. All of the wonderfulness, without all of the shit.

As always, stay tuned, and stay clear of those damned shifty raccoons…

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