A…”Spark” of Energy? Huh? Huh? Ahh I Gotcha…

I struggle with energy sometimes, as we all do, so I’m constantly looking for something to assist my daily routine. Lately, coffee just seems to make me even more tired.  Energy drinks work slightly, every now and then, but never how I’d like, and what does help doesn’t last. Not to mention the inevitable crash if I don’t eat a 4-course meal of candy bars along with it.

Recently, I’ve been using a product called “zipfizz”, which is the best so far. Less crash, more natural feeling energy. However, as my beautiful wife pointed out, it’s best to switch up tactics regularly, as to not get too used to one product, causing tolerances to escalate. I liken the idea to defeating the Borg. Set energy phasers to random, and throw them off guard, so they can’t adapt and block your attack.

With that in mind, we ordered in a can of “Spark” to try out. I’ve heard tell of comparing this product to Ritalin, so I’m skeptical and excited at the same time.


It’s day ONE of my Spark Spectacular, and I can honestly say that I don’t mentally feel any different. However, I cleaned my basement,  worked out, got most of my Christmas shopping done, organized the bathroom, played a few songs on the guitar, hung Christmas lights, and took down three Captains and a Warchief in Shadow of Mordor…so I think it may be helping…




————.      ——-—————!

–—-——-———-–? ————————–-! ——————.


. . .        .   . . . .   …..               … … . . . . .

           .                   . .       …

U   P   D   A   T   E



Well, I guess that’s over. I don’t remember anything from the past few days, except that I spent one night roaming around a corn field talking to my spirit guide (it’s a rhino)…I’d be OK with that, except there aren’t any corn fields here…Also, I met the moon, and she informed me that Michael Landon isn’t really dead, but hanging out on her dark side waiting for VHS to make a comeback.  Also, she said a man named Alphonso, the King of Souls wants to talk to me about some bet I made in second grade involving Morph from X-Men: The Animated Series.  I may or may not have more information on that later, depending on how often I leave the house.

As always, thanks for tuning in, and watch out for raccoons. 

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