Clumsy Canoeist on SUP

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the reanimation of human tissue, and I have to s-…no, wait…wrong article. Scratch that…starting over….

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with Stand Up Paddleboarding, and I have to say:  I’m hooked.

A little while ago, my wife Amy and I took a trip to Causey Reservoir, located outside of Ogden, UT.  On the way, we picked up a couple of inflatable paddleboards from 2nd Tracks in Ogden.

Paddling a SUP is definitely a different experience from a canoe (which is basically the only boat I’ve been in, save a few fishing boats over the years).  I fell off. Only a couple of times when Amy and I went.  When I went by myself a few weeks a later, however, I fell off a lot. A lot a lot.

Paddling a canoe on calm water like Causey’s would be a nice relaxing experience for me. Chill, do a little paddling, sit back, take in the air and sights, etc.

Paddling the SUPs (inflatable the first time, hard shell the second) was exhausting and exhilarating. I knelt a lot at first, because I’m simply just too damn clumsy to stand up and paddle against the wind.

Amy took to it like nobody’s business, and quite effectively smoked me around the bends and alcoves.  She also obliterated me on the straightaways, which lent itself nicely to passersby giving me shit for how easy it looked to her while I was obviously struggling to keep up, like a Puggle trying to keep a sharp eye at nap time.

Below are a few videos of the trips to Causey, both with Amy and by myself.  If you are curious in the least about SUPs, have paddled before, have NOT paddled before, I STRONGLY suggest you give it a shot.  It’s definitely worth your time.

Sorry for the wind in this video…

Thanks for tuning in, kiddos! Stay tuned for more adventures of the Clumsy Canoeist as the summer progresses!

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